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If you are a Canadian you can quickly agree with the fact that it gets cold and stays cold. No matter where you live in Canada sometimes you may quickly feel the need to leave the country for a beautiful beach to warm up and leave the snow behind.

There are so many gorgeous white sandy beaches around the world to choose from when you are leaving the country for the winter. You can bet that anywhere you choose with a beach will be much more enjoyably than rain, sleet and snow for the season.

One of the most popular locations in the world to visit to trade snow for sand is Tahiti which is a Polynesian island in the Pacific. In particular you will find most of the snowbirds visiting Bora Bora and when you get the opportunity to visit this Tahitian paradise you will be overwhelmed by how picture perfect the beach is.

Every piece of sand is perfectly placed under your feet and the palm trees will sway in the warm wind as you bask in the sun and enjoy a delicious beverage. Let us not forget about the cuisine and attraction that Tahiti offers such as having the opportunity to feed sharks, hunt for real black pearl or simply enjoy amazing Polynesian food.

If you are trying to go way down under to get as far away as you can from the snow, a great place to visit is Byron Bay, Australia. Enjoy this island paradise like a true native as you walk the streets of the city and visit great small pubs, bookshops that host artists, bands and poetry reading in addition to the amazing cafes that you can have a cup of tea while relaxing in true paradise.

One of the biggest attractions in Byron Bay, Australia is the Byron Bay Bluesfest that hosts some of the biggest names in music. You will quickly fall in love with this paradise down under as you catch some waves and enjoy the sun rays to melt off the snow.

There are literally hundreds of locations throughout the world to migrate too in the winter months. To learn about 100 different sandy locations check out CNN’S 100 Best Beaches.