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There are just too many methods to brew your coffee these days. A lot of people want to make their brewing easier by getting a coffee brewer at home. However, coffee addicts who are very picky about specific coffee tastes prefer using the traditional method of making their coffee – The French Press. If you are one of those people and are looking for what kind of French Press you’d purchase for yourself, you might want to check out the simple guide below.


Some people choose to use the glass French press because of its transparency. You would be able to see your coffee brewing and see the coffee grounds when you plunge. Although some glass French presses are fragile because of its material, there are still others that can endure the thermal shock and also doesn’t break easily. If you decide to get this kind of French press, make sure to check the base, it should be sturdy. Some bases are made to grip the countertop. Check the braces, too. Braces can be made of either plastic or metal.

Stainless Steel

This kind of French press also comes in different designs. You might want to choose a stainless steel French Press with two walls. You could choose between the double stainless steel walls or the French Press with a stainless steel inner wall and a plastic outer wall. The double walling is to retain the heat of your coffee even more. It will also make the brewing process better. Stainless Steel French Presses are perfect for those who do not drink their coffee immediately after brewing. They would still be able to drink it hot even after some time.


You would not need to be indoors or at your home just to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. If you travel a lot or go on camping often, you might want to get yourself a French Press that is perfect for your activities. Most of these French Presses are made of stainless steel with a plastic or rubber outer wall. Some designs can fit the cup holder of a car. Others are much bigger for those who want more than just a cup. Choose a French Press that is portable and durable at the same time. Other factors to consider:


If you only need to make a cup at a time, choose a French Press with a single-serving capacity. But, if there are times that you would need to make more than that, you need to choose the best & largest french presses on the market. Many people actually use bigger sizes because they can easily adjust the amount of water and coffee grounds they put in them. So, even if you are only going to make one cup of coffee, you can still use a large pot to brew it.


The plunger is what pushes your coffee grounds to the bottom of the French Press. It separates your grounds from the water so they would not flow with the liquid when you pour it into your mug or drink it straight from the French Press. Some quality French Presses have plungers that have multiple layers of metal screens or mesh to make sure that all the coffee particles are pressed down.