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Cats can display a range of strange behaviors which can seem quite perplexing to their owners, but most of the seemingly odd behaviors quite often have simple explanations.

As bona fide carnivores, it can seem very strange to witness your cat eating grass, but grass actually has some beneficial aspects which can help relieve gastro- intestinal problems your cat may be experiencing. Cats are very prone to hairballs, due to the regular grooming of fur, and these can be quite hard for the cat to expel. Grass can induce vomiting and regurgitation which can help relieve the discomfort your cat gets from hairballs. Grass juices also contain folic acid which can also have beneficial qualities for your cat. As well as these medical reasons where you may find your cat nibbling grass, cats also nibble grass out of shear curiosity. Cats become mesmerized by grass as it moves in the breeze, so chewing the grass may be part of their play.

To keep your cat safe it is important to be aware of any plants in your garden which may be toxic to them, for instance lilies can be very poisonous to cats, so it may be best to remove any of these flowers from your garden.

Another behaviour that cat owners often wonder about is kneading. Some cats can go into raptures whilst kneading, purring loudly and some even drool. There are several theories proposed as to why cats knead, but most experts would agree that it is a sign of contentment. It is believed that kneading helps to stimulate the mother’s milk whilst the kitten is weaning, and so kneading is associated with comfort and contentment, providing emotional security. The rhythmic behavior is also seen as a way in which cats provide comfort to themselves.

Other experts see kneading as an instinctual behavior which stems from when cats lived in the wild. Kneading the ground to flatten grass and leaves can provide a comfortable resting place for a wild cat.

Unfortunately for some owners kneading can be a problem. Whilst most cats retract their claws, some do not and their owner can be the recipient of sharp claws digging into their skin. If your cat does not draw his claws back in you will be advised to keep your cats claws clipped and invest in a blanket to put over your knees for when your cat is in the mood to be affectionate.