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If your not ready to settle down behind a desk yet and fancy the idea of traveling anywhere in the world then joining the Americorps may be the solution for you.

Lots of people finish their degree studies and are not quite sure which way they want their career to go, after so much studying some graduates elect to join the Americorps which is a corporation for national and community service.

Americorps started in 1994 and more than 800,000 Americans have contributed to non profit schools, public agencies and other voluntary organizations providing in excess of 1 billion hours towards worthwhile schemes. Joining Americorps can provide ample opportunities to young adults (18-24), enabling them to gain a range of work skills, earn money for education and provide a wealth of experience and new skills in a variety of roles.

In particular circumstances the Federal Government may cancel all or part of an educational loan. This is known as Loan Forgiveness and is a great way to wipe out debts accrued from your studies. Criteria to qualify for this include performing military service, volunteer work, teach or practice medicine within specified communities and other criteria as specified by the forgiveness programme.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to help your local community , gaining a wealth of skills and helping you financially. The different arms of AmeriCorps provide different incentives so it is best to research to see which would work best for you, details are available from the following link:

Areas in which Americorp members work include education, public safety, health, environment and this can help tackle poverty at both individual and community level. Volunteering can help strengthen the local community and provide a real sense of citizenship.

Americorps incorporates ;

AmeriCorps State and National, this is the broadest network of programs that provides local community service. Open to S citizens over the age of 17. places are available full or part time.

AmeriCorps ISTA, volunteers in service to America has an emphasis on nonprofit, faith-based community organisations with a particular emphasis on eradicating poverty.

AmeriCorps NCCC, National Civilian Community Corps is a residential program for males and females 18-24, located over 5 campuses.