EXPORT Finance Guide
EDC has developed a new guide to help exporters understand and use export-related financing services online.

Getting Started

Can you take advantage of international trade? To compete in a global marketplace your goods and services have to be export ready. You need to be competitive in your current markets and have a solid business plan. This section will help you to assess your export readiness and develop your export strategy.

Other Resources

  • Canadian Automated Export Declaration
    Tired of going to the Customs Office to report non-U.S. exports? You can complete and submit your export declaration to the Government of Canada right from your place of business by using the CAED system. The Web page at www.statcan.ca/english/exports will get you started.
  • Import/Export Account
    If you don’t have an import/export account number with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, you must register for one through the “Business Registration Online”