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The world is coming around to the knowledge that rice comes in many colors, not just white. Swapping white rice out for brown rice should not be considered as daring as it once was, either. It’s hard to believe it ever was, actually.

Rice is quickly becoming the “it” food from Europe to North America mainly due to its health benefits, but the global economy has created global awareness of how diverse and unique rice is. Take the popularity of black rice in Canada, for instance. Rice combines all the benefits you would expect from the world’s most consumed grain with the ethnic versatility that makes cooking for just you or the entire family a healthy possibility.

Whether you are cooking solo or with others in mind, the varieties you cook are just as important as the time needed to cook rice perfectly. Canadians are every bit as busy as the rest of their North American counterparts, and their demand for a dynamic dinnertime solution has become reality. Rice’s influence and impact on Canada also stems from those immigrating there as well as a traveling workforce intrigued and excited by the flavors and varieties they have experienced on business trips or vacationing overseas.

The key to any successful dish, especially when it involves rice, is authenticity and proper taste. Taste is directly related to your ability to make sure the rice component of your dish is as consistent as the other flavors on the plates of your dinner guests. It’s occasions like these when the quantity of the rice is just as important as the quality, and no matter how hands-on a person you are, this might be the right time to acknowledge how rice is an enigma that neither you or a poorly trained range top will ever demystify. Let a rice cooker be the solution to consistency and delicious that prior to now was only the stuff of restaurants!

Rice is trending in Canada. That said, it also looks like it is here to stay. Health and well-being for you and your family never lose importance. Rice promotes a healthier lifestyle, better choices in your diet, and a world of flavors Canadians are only beginning to sample. If you want to add more rice and variety to your diet, one of the most efficient and convenient ways is to do so using a rice cooker.

Rice Cookers Take Canada By Storm Credit Picture License: alex.shultz via photopin cc