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When I recall the days of my youth growing up as a young girl, I realize that there have been numerous changes in the ways life today as compared to then. There have been very many changes in the way things are done today.

One of the greatest and major changes that has occurred today is the change in the way business is transacted today especially in reference to online transactions. Business has been hugely transformed due to the invention of the internet. The internet is a platform which shrunk the whole world to make it seem like a small village where you can deal with anyone around the world very fast and very easily without the aspect of distance being a hindering issue.

Since people can communicate with each other easily, faster, and at a lower cost using the internet, it is now the major platform for numerous business transactions around the world. This has brought about a great increase in international merchandising and business as a whole. People are now easily accessing and purchasing goods from other countries. This increase in international trade has brought about a great increase in the world’s economy.

Apart from the changes in the way people transact business internationally, today there are also major changes in the lifestyles of people as compared to the times past. With the increase in technology, the demand for skilled human input has increased greatly. With all the players in the economy embracing technology, for any individual business players to outdo the other players in his industry, each player has to greatly enhance his own skilled personnel’s input.

People today, especially white collar workers have to spend many more hours in the office as compared to people in ages gone past. The time is usually spent strategizing on marketing ploys to get more sales or strategizing on ways of improving their products. The people also spend a lot of time trying to predict marketing trends so as to anticipate how to produce or how to handle their products.

These are but a few modern commercial trends that make the lifestyles of people get concentrated much more on their jobs rather than on other things such as their social lives.

Due to mankind focusing most of their time on work, they are left with less time to do other important things such as cooking and cleaning which are daily duties. To help out in this, man has come up with machines and appliances that make these tasks easier and faster to accomplish.

For example, in the kitchen, there are numerous appliances that man can buy from the kitchen ware stores that greatly aid in all the kitchen activities such as cooking, washing, and food preparation. There are appliances such as blenders which save a lot of time and make it easy to chop up food into smaller pieces. There are also special blenders known as immersion blenders that can be used to stir up or blend food while it is in its container e.g. when preparing soups, making smoothies, or beating cream.