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Job hunting is an exciting and educational experience for everyone. It’s also a time of putting principles into action, and using the lessons learned for real-life applications. And it’s also a challenging time- whether you’re a new graduate or recently lost your job, you’ll have to face the prospect of competing with other applicants, marketing your brand and knowing what industry is hot or not. But if you are in the health care industry in Canada, your worries will be lessened a bit. When compared with other industries in Canada, the health care sector is still considered a hot industry, with great prospects for licensed practical nurses and other professionals.

Good Pay, Secure Career Awaits a Licensed Practical Nurse

According to the latest industry news released this month, the job openings within the health care sector is one of the best when compared with other industries. According to Statistics Canada, the employment numbers of health care and social assistance are on the rise, compared to other industries that saw a dip in their employment figures. In general, the service industry is still considered a great industry for job seekers looking for employment and secured careers. Based on the same results, it was found out that the future is rosy for employees and applicants aged 25 to 54. It recorded an increase in employment to 40,000 in March, with more gains among women workers. Youths should not worry since the employment data for the 15 to 24 range held steady in the same month. But when seen on a year-over-year basis, the employment data for this group fell, and the total numbers of employees and workers that belong to this workforce category also declined.

Options Available for Job Seekers

For job seekers and professionals in the health care industry, the career options are rosy. Professionals can simply update their resumes, add a few skills and seminars and face the interviews in a confident manner, and they can competitively angle for a job. It also helps if nurses will also pay attention to their overall branding, from the choice of the best dress and nursing shoes to effective communication skills. All these can help sharpen the message that these professionals are ready to join the sector.

New graduates and professionals who belong in the 15 to 24 age range should not worry. There are still options available for these professionals who want to make a contribution in the labor market. According to experts, internet and technology have paved the way for young professionals to make their mark in the labor market. Thanks to the internet, young professionals can become independent professionals that can offer technical and professional services depending on their course or training. If the young job seekers cannot find the right job in the market, then they can always create the jobs. Some successful young entrepreneurs have managed to establish their own consulting firms and offer jobs to others through the help of the internet and technology.