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Anyone that has a collection of various arms and ammunition would know the importance of keeping their weapons safe and secure. Owning or purchasing a weapon is not as difficult as keeping it protected from accidents.

Whether it is a robbery, natural disasters or fire, anything can easily spoil the collection or destroy the arms altogether. In order to combat this problem and to keep arms and ammunition safe, one’s best bet is a gun safe

Gun Safe Locking Systems

A gun safe comes with advanced locking system and locking blot technology to keeps arms protected from burglary, theft, children’s reach and at the same time, minimizing the effect of any disaster or accident. While there are many types of gun safes available in the market, the most renowned and popular one is the fireproof gun safe. Made from pry proof metal, these gun safes are tested for being able to withstand the maximum temperature its body can endure in the case of a fire and that too without crossing the pre-set internal temperature. These tests are conducted by an Illinois-based safety certification company, Underwriters Labs. Once the tests are conducted, every safe is given a fire rating. A fire rating ranges from Class A to B to C, with A signaling most resistant to fire to C meaning the least.

Even within the category of fireproof gun safes, there are several subcategories. People tend to choose a gun safe on the basis of its size, type of weapons to be stored, locking system and manufacturer. The most important factor in choosing a certain type of fireproof gun safe is the size and type of weapons that would be stored in the safe. Having a huge fireproof gun safe for pistols and handguns would not be a smart choice. Therefore, if a person possesses arms and ammunitions or is planning to purchase a few, then he or she must buy a safe as per the requirement of the weapons.

Advanced Locks

Gone the days when fireproof gun safes only had dial locks. With several technological advancements in place, gun safes now come with state of the art digital and biometric locks as well. A dial lock is an old but high reliable locking system where the dial has to be rotated a few times until the right combination is reached. The only drawback of a dial lock is the difficulty a person faces when trying to change the set combination.

Digital locks, on the other hand, work with a secret pin, that needs to be pressed on the keypad in order to unlock the safe. It is a modern locking system which allows for easy and rapid changing of the pin code at any point in time. The problem with digital locks is, that in the case of a power failure, no one can access the safe, not even the owner. But, other than that it is very reliable.

Lastly, the biometric lock is the latest in the line of locking systems. It requires the thumb or finger impression of the owner to open the lock. A lot of these locking systems come with a combination of a certain locking system and a key. This double or combination locking system is the most secure one to date.

There are numerous manufacturers in the market, manufacturing various types of fireproof gun safes. Some of the top ones include Barska, SentrySafe, Browning, Stack-On, and Bighorn.