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Personal health is a major concern for everybody today. Unlike in the past when our bodies seemed to be tougher and more resilient to diseases and ailments, today our bodies seem to need a lot of care and maintenance to ensure that we remain healthy. Maintaining our bodies in good health is a tough important [&hellip

Shampoos That Do... shampooing

Having an itchy scalp can be an annoying and irritating feeling as it is. But when you have dry skin falling down onto your shoulders or sprinkled throughout your hair, it can become a quite embarrassing issue now. There are many ways to rid you of these embarrassing flakes and that irritating and scratch crazy [&hellip

Gain A Cereal—Lose... cereal

Cereal has been a popular choice among both kids and adult alike for a tasty and sugar-filled morning tradition. We can hold onto our precious “Lucky Charms” from the days when we lived off the sugary marshmallows that filled our morning breakfast bowls, to the days when were sneaking a few past the box we [&hellip

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If you have ever had them then you know, kidney stones are one of the most miserably painful experiences you will ever have. When diagnosed with kidney stones you usually are told either that they have to pulverize them, or you’re just going to have to let them pass. Now that can be fairly easy [&hellip

The Apple Cure dandruff 1

Apples an produce some of the healthiest medicinal remedies that you are going to find, and that includes that bottle of apple cider vinegar that you have sitting in your baking cabinet right now. But there is one use of this substance that you may not have known or heard of, and it is the [&hellip

Tea for Two... health-benefits-of-rooibos-tea

Tea is very good for you but most people drink very little of it. There are a lot of different types of tea available and some you probably have never heard of. From rooibos tea to white tea, learn how tea can help you become a much healthier person and even lose weight. White Tea [&hellip

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There are many different things that you may already have around your house that can benefit your health and body. Knowing about these different items will make it easier for you when you decide you need something to help you regain your health and strength. Here is some more information on spirulina benefits. Spirulina Spirulina [&hellip