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There are not many careers that can offer you a good salary at entry level, but one that stands out is accounting. Not only is there good re numeration for accounting jobs when you start out, but there is also plenty of opportunities for advancement within this field and it is possible with added experience [&hellip

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Nobody wants to retake the CPA exam, so here are some tips to help you pass the first time; Prepare a study schedule in advance of your exam, factor in work and home commitments so that you are able to draw up a realistic schedule. Make your timetable detailed, breaking it into the components you [&hellip

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If your not ready to settle down behind a desk yet and fancy the idea of traveling anywhere in the world then joining the Americorps may be the solution for you. Lots of people finish their degree studies and are not quite sure which way they want their career to go, after so much studying [&hellip

Post-Graduation Credit Building...

Graduating college typically means you will be faced with a lack of credit history and student debt from loans. Although you think that student’s loans have begun to build your credit, you will be surprised that it takes more than that to build it. Having a strong credit history and credit score shows lenders that [&hellip

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Building your credit while starting out can be a hard process. However, it’s definitely worthwhile as a good credit score will follow you everywhere you go whether you’re getting a job or buying a house. It’s very important that you build a credit score as soon as possible in order to reap the rewards. In [&hellip

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Preparing before graduating when entering the field of finance is a wise choice for many reasons because of the competitive nature of the field. It is a tough industry to enter because the amount of students graduating with that degree increases every year. Although it may seem like a difficult major to graduate with and [&hellip

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a real life Robin Hood?  The legend is that he would steal from the rich and give to the poor. Wouldn’t it be even greater if he was located in your city and you were in his line of sight and would be a recipient of his generosity? [&hellip