Appliances Every Home... Espresso Machines

We all want to live a more convenient and stress-free life right? It’s the way that our brains are programmed to think, we don’t like stress, and we don’t like to do things more then we actually have to do them. We have had some great inventions over time that allowed us to do a [&hellip

Teenage Pregnancy: The... Teenage Pregnancy: The failure of our education, our family support, or our society?

While teenage pregnancy rates have dropped dramatically, teenage girls are still experiencing unplanned pregnancies. This seems extremely hard to believe in today’s society, where every woman is brought up knowing about how babies are made and how to prevent them. When looking at a map of the Unites States with teenage pregnancies in mind, states [&hellip

Some reflections on... Some reflections on dealing with stress in toddlers

Every household experiences stress; it may be caused by lack of money to pay bills, the loss of a job, illness, divorce, or any number of things. It may seem that these types of stress would only affect the adults, but children know there is something wrong even if not told. This can be especially [&hellip

10 Reasons why... 10 Reasons why it is dangerous to sleep with your newborn

It is very tempting when a newborn comes home to allow them to sleep with you, especially when the baby is at the stage where they need to be fed every 1.5 hours. There are some who firmly believe in sharing their bed with the newborn child, but knowing the risks ahead of time may [&hellip