Finding the best locksmith service in Ottawa

House safety is a very crucial matter which cannot be taken for granted. We know that it is the highest priority of concern and we ensure that house safety always remain intact. We at locksmith Ottawa provide the best service where it is replacing a lost key or repairing unbroken locks. We are the number one company when it comes to house safety giving the best locksmith service around Ottawa.

We are a 24 hour round the clock company providing security services to make sure you sleep without any concern or fear. Our expert and skilled locksmith technicians work hard to make sure sleep well in the nights. When you come to us, you will surely be getting the best locksmith service o the block. The different services we provide are commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, installations of security cameras, and replacements of car ignition keys and also we give expert advices on additional security features including sound alarms or video surveillance. The best locksmith and security service in town is just one call away and all our services come at an affordable price for both types of consumers.

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We realize how important it is to keep you workplace safe and secured. Your office has important documents about your company and it is of the highest priorty to keep all the papers intact and secured. Some of the commercial services included are accessing the workplace system, making duplicate keys and impressions, file cabinets and lock repairs, panic bar button installation and installation if safe vaults and cacti camera installation. We also help in the changes of safe combination to ensure the highest security. We also install intercoms to easily connect with everyone

Besides your office, your house needs to be secured too as there are a lot of important documents such as passports and lease papers which needs to carefully placed in a well hidden place. Often people tend to misplace their house keys. We help in making house key impressions and we are also experts in installing keyless entry doors. We also have entry gate lock installation service and sliding door locks for added security.

Besides your residential and commercial needs, we also have services for your automotive needs. We can make duplicate keys; open locked up cars and can also install additional features such as central locking and remote key installation.

We don’t worry about your demographics as your security is our highest concern. You can call us anytime even in emergency purpose and one of our staff member will gladly assist you. Do not make the mistake of going to some cheap service. Choose the best locksmith in town and sleep freely and soundly. Contact us now at… or leave us an email at and we will make sure to give you the best locksmith/security service commercially or residentially.