E-Business for Exporters

E-Business for Exporters

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A sound e-business strategy has helped many Canadian companies to reduce their costs and increase their productivity and sales. The Web allows you to do international business independent of time differences and office hours. These resources will help you better understand how e-commerce can help your export business.

E-Commerce and E-Trade Related Sites

  • Business Development Bank of Canada – E-Business
    Information and resources about developing Web sites and e-business solutions that appeal to international audiences.
  • Canada Business
    Offers a wide range of additional online resources.
  • ebiz.enable
    ebiz.enable is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Web site designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Develop an e-business strategy that is relevant to your company and your global export business.
  • RFPSource.ca
    A free e-marketplace that matches Canadian products and services with thousands of business opportunities posted by domestic and foreign corporations and governments.
  • The Canadian e-Business Initiative
    A voluntary, private-sector-led partnership that aims to further Canada’s e-business success. Special task force groups address the unique challenges of SME’s when developing and implementing e-business strategies.
  • UPC Codes – GS1 Canada

General Information

  • ACOA – State of Electronic Commerce in Atlantic Canada
    Report showing how companies in Atlantic Canada are taking advantage of the Internet and electronic commerce.
  • E-Business Readiness
    This diagnostic is designed by the BDC Consulting Group to help you measure the readiness of your firm with regard to e-business planning and implementation.
  • The Digital Economy in Canada
    This is the official website of Canada’s Task Force on Electronic Commerce. It is the focal point for the development of a national Electronic Commerce Strategy, and provides important information on the adoption of e-commerce in Canadian business. The site offers extensive lists of e-commerce information resources for businesses, consumers, and government, in addition to information on: e-Team Canada’s activities; trade policy and e-commerce; and public/private sector plans to enhance e-commerce adoption in Canada.