How Granite Differs from Quartz Countertops?

If you want to select a countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, you will either choose any of the two materials namely quartz (engineered stone) or granite (natural stone). It is quite difficult to decide as the difference between the two countertop materials is not clear. Both are purely natural, hard as stone, and straight from the earth yet there are several differences between them. Continue reading to know about it.


quartz countertops price

One of the benefits of granite over quartz is that all the granite slab is slightly distinct in mineral color and pattern. Hence, it can make your countertop look unique. Quartz countertops price vary and most countertops are consistent in appearance but various colors, forms, and unique patterns are available that do not resemble granite at all. It depends upon your preference that which material would you like to buy. If you want your countertops to look like natural stone, it is preferable to go with the natural product that is granite. However, many have also find the quartz countertops better and different in looks than natural stone.


Granite is a purely organic stone that is extracted directly from stone quarries and is then cut into fine slabs, finished, and fabricated into countertops. So-called Quartz countertops price are the products made of engineered stone that might contain a huge percentage of natural quartz but also constitute other minerals. These are formed from stone byproducts that are ground up and manufactured into slabs for other products and countertops.

quartz countertops price


When it comes to the comparison of the price of both the materials, they are both premium, high-dollar countertop materials. The rate of granite countertops range from $80 to $175 per square foot installed and the Quartz countertops pricevaries from $80 to $140 per square foot installed. The cost differences rely on the type of edging treatments requested as well as on the style chosen. As quartz has been so popular and available more widely, rates of basic countertops have diminished with colors commanding upper-end pricing and unique designer styles.

Maintenance and Durability

quartz countertops price

There is a huge advantage of quartz over granite. As both materials are highly durable, granite requires sealing upon installation as it is a porous stone and quartz does not require. Granite slabs also have innate flaws that allow them to crack. Quartz stone rarely cracks as the material is uniform throughout. They become so resistant to staining than granite as there are resins in quartz countertops.

Real Estate Value

Both the materials are high-end building materials that will attract buyers. When compared to ceramic or laminate tile countertops, both quartz and granite can slightly enhance the real estate value of your home. However, some buyers offer a bit advantage to granite as it is the most organic material.