Sitting on Top... Sitting on Top of the World

Finding the best sit on top kayak doesn’t have to be such a challenge. A sit in kayak is great for keeping your legs dry while paddling in cold water. With a sit in kayak, you sit inside a cockpit in the hull of the boat. However, if you are a bit adventurous, you may [&hellip

Fishing for a... Fishing for a Kayak

If you are an expert kayaker, then finding the best fishing kayak can be quite a challenge. SIK or SOK: Most fishermen prefer sit-on-top kayaks (SOK), especially for saltwater fishing.  They are inherently safer, since they can roll over without filling with water, and they give the angler more room to move around or even [&hellip

Finding the Best... Finding the Best Tandem Kayaks

If you are searching for the best tandem kayaks, there are many of them you can choose from. Kayaking is fun, good exercise, and a perfect way to get out in the fresh air and explore beautiful places. Anything this good will be twice as nice when shared with someone else, and tandem kayaks let [&hellip

The Super Heroes... KRUPS-Espresseria

People who love coffee want to find the best espresso machines possible. There are a lot of them on the market so it can be difficult to choose unless you already have a budget in mind. Being a coffee lover can be fun but it can also be expensive. But not as expensive as purchasing [&hellip

The Sugar War Sugar  1

The discussion on sugar and what is good for you and what isn’t has bee raging on for years. Which type is better, white sugar or brown sugar? Each of them has their own specific uses for cooking and baking, but are either of them really good for you or not? The common assumption has [&hellip

Beef Jerky Is... Beef Jerky 2

Beef Jerky is one of the most well known and love junk foods that we have available to us. Dehydrated meats that are packed with salt, which will be high in MSG and sodium nitrate two red flagged words when it comes to nutrition. If you read your labels though you can enjoy these tasty [&hellip

Appliances Every Home... Espresso Machines

We all want to live a more convenient and stress-free life right? It’s the way that our brains are programmed to think, we don’t like stress, and we don’t like to do things more then we actually have to do them. We have had some great inventions over time that allowed us to do a [&hellip

Shampoos That Do... shampooing

Having an itchy scalp can be an annoying and irritating feeling as it is. But when you have dry skin falling down onto your shoulders or sprinkled throughout your hair, it can become a quite embarrassing issue now. There are many ways to rid you of these embarrassing flakes and that irritating and scratch crazy [&hellip

Must Have For... raspberry_dessert

Two of the most popular treats that we can have in the world for dessert are both Ice Cream and if we are of age, a nice tall glass of wine. So how can you have your favorite wine ready to be popped and enjoyed in the cold state it tastes best in? Or how [&hellip

Protein Power Protein Power

Protein is one of the most valuable nutrients that you can obtain in living a more healthy and fit life. It can be found in many of our favorite foods, and even some of the ones we don’t care for too much. But the fact remains that either way; protein should always be a vital [&hellip