How to Treat... How to Treat a Cat Cold

Have you heard your cat sneezing of late and it stopped you dead in your tracks as you tried to confirm if what you heard was true? Cats also catch colds, but it is not the same as the common human cold. Whereas a human cold is caused by a virus known as the rhinovirus [&hellip

Feeding Facts You... Feeding Facts You Need to Know

In order for a body to function properly, it needs the right kind of food. Every living being requires proper nutrition for the overall development and growth of its anatomy. The same holds true for your feline and canine pets. Is feeding cat food to dog okay? The right kind of nutrition is crucial in [&hellip

Cats Can Be... Cats-behavior

Cats can display a range of strange behaviors which can seem quite perplexing to their owners, but most of the seemingly odd behaviors quite often have simple explanations. As bona fide carnivores, it can seem very strange to witness your cat eating grass, but grass actually has some beneficial aspects which can help relieve gastro- [&hellip