Pets Like to... Pets Like to Kayak Too

If you have a pet who likes to be on the open water, you may be searching for the best kayak for dogs. Not all dogs love the water, but if your best friend is a water-loving hound, you can take him with you to keep you company on your next kayaking trip. You just [&hellip

Treating Tummy Troubles Treating Tummy Troubles

No pet owner wants to see their best friend in any kind of pain. Your pets are a part of your family so when they become ill it can be devastating to the entire family. Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason, and nobody wants to see their best friend suffer. So when [&hellip

Learning To Deal... tumblr_nhq9llkLqA1qbh26io2_1280

Anybody who owns a dog can tell you, dogs are strange. More often than not there is simply no explanation for their behaviors, and it isn’t like we can ask them! Sometimes their behaviors reflect on their current health status while other actions are simply unexplainable and often just plain disgusting! Keep reading if you [&hellip