The History of Safes

About centuries ago, humankind was known to worship fire since they were afraid of it.  They saw it ravaging dwellings and palaces with some devastating results.  Many written records about early human civilization have been lost because of the lack of protection.

jewellery Safe

Through ages, humankind has taken measures to protect their possession from fire.  Again, there are the Egyptians who have buried their scrolls inside the pyramids.  The Assyrians duplicated all important documents in separate locations.

However, when nothing proved to be a suitable solution against destruction of fire, jewelry safe was introduced. Julius Caesar used strong iron boxes which were found that the metal conducted the fire heat readily. Feudal lords then developed underground vaults and appointed guards to protect them.

After 1930 iron safes with inner walls made of stone, wood, plaster, brick, cement, mica, alum, chalk, or just dead air space came into being. The first standardized test for the proper safe protection had not been developed till 1917. The test brought about radical changes in the construction of safes as it proved several old theories of protection to be false. All thanks to the technological progress and proper testing, it offers modern business with record protection which was unknown in the history of civilization.

Choosing the Right Jewelry Safes is Important

The selection of the jewelry safe is a serious obligation than the choice of the other kind of office equipment. In case a desk, chair, or a printer doesn’t do what it is required to do for the customer, you can easily make an adjustment. You can make a replacement or an alteration. The only harm that will be done is a little delay.

However, when you choose the wrong safe it will fail to perform satisfactorily.  This can only be tested in fire. Nonetheless, after the fire, it is going to be too late to make the replacement.  Statistics have shown that around 50% of the business is going to survive fire.

jewelry safe

Any Safe is Safe At Times

Irrespective of whether it is a specific rating or not, every safe irrespective of its condition age is going to resist some kind of exposure to the fire and is going to protect the contents of the jewelry safe.  Usually, steel files are going to come to through some fires satisfactorily.  As a matter of fact, unprotected record on the top of the desk or shelf will survive the office fire. The significant factors are how hot the fire is and how long has it been burning.

Safe have Certified Security

No firm will be able to afford to test the own safe equipment in the office fire.  As a result, new models of jewelry safes are provided extensive tests by the manufacturers and also the private testing laboratories prior to being introduced into the market. The established safe models are taken off the regular assembly line and are offered tests for checking out that they confirm to the ratings.

A modern fire safe actually depends on the blanket of steam for protecting the documents that are present inside it.

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