Tips to Clean Your Bong

Maintaining a shiny and clean bong after you buy bongs Ontario is something that every stoner needs to take into consideration. There is nothing worse than going to a smoking circle and handing over a crusty and a dirty bong which has not been cleaned in months.  You need to know how to clean the bongs.

Nothing says that a good stoner is better than a shiny bong.  No smoke is going to taste better than the first hit out of the fresh and new cleaned piece.  Here is how you will be able to clean your bongs in a proper manner.

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Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

This is not a lengthy process. In case you buy bongs Ontario and are the type of smoker who wants to clean the bong regularly, it is going to take less time than you know.  Nonetheless, you might be complacent and end up with a bong which is covered in grime.  This is going to make it difficult and tedious.  However, this is okay. It is nothing that you will not be able to handle to smoke from the shiny new bong.

Things You Need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Q-tips
  • Rice or salt
  • Cotton balls
  • Sandwich bags
  • Pope cleaner or a bottle brush
  • Hot water
  • Hand towels

To measure properly, you should keep a fresh bag of weed to enjoy after you buy bongs Ontario and clean it.

How to Clean?

It is time to clean your bong. You need to ensure that you have emptied the bong and there isn’t any water inside prior to starting.

  • Take a part of the bong and separate it. For some people, it means removing the stem from the bowl. For others, it means removing the bowl from the stem.
  • Rinse with hot and running water. The hotter the water, the better it will be. Thus, you should wear dish-washing gloves. This way you can loosen up the gunk which has accumulated on the bong.
  • To clean the buy bongs Ontario, you have to take out the sandwich bags. Put each of the pieces in the sandwich bags.
  • Put some rubbing alcohol in the bag and add salt or rice. The alcohol is going to dissolve the resin and will lead to the built up material in the bong. The salt is going to perform like an abrasive for scraping off the gunk and aid rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is ensure that the salt is getting dissolved in the alcohol.
  • Putting each part in a separate bag with salt and alcohol, shake it. Shake it as long as you can.  The more you shake, the more solution will reach the crevices.
  • It is time to clean the main portion of the bongs. You are going to do it like you did it with the other pieces.  Start by pouring some rice or salt into the buy bongs Ontario.  Now pour the rubbing alcohol.  Use hand towels and plug the holes.
  • Shake as well as you can. You can give this part of the bong a good cleaning. This is because this is where the water sits and the matter accumulates.
  • Once this is done, take out everything from the bag and rinse everything in hot water. If there are some spots which are not clean, you can use a bottle brush to clean it.
  • Make sure everything is dry before you smoke up.

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