Tips to increase your Website domain authority

Domain authority is very important to understand SEO. The ranking automatically goes higher if you have a good DA score.  High domain increases the chances of the website getting high ranking in search engines. The concept of DA is the basic of the best SEO Toronto strategy. DA is MOZ based score between 0 to 100, a new website gets a 0 or 1 score. This simplifies as higher the DA, the more traffic you get. A lot of factors decide your DA, like Technical SEO including on page SEO, user interface, Site loading time, Social signals, and Social Shares.  Read to know about the amazing tactics to increase your domain authority.

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  • Focus on interlinking as the readers will be finding important information that will keep them hooked to your website and reduce the bounce rate.
  • Remember to post quality stuff on a regular basis. A key factor of building domain authority is creating quality content. The content is your king in all best SEO Toronto strategies. Also, be consistent and regular in your stuff. Keep the targeted audience in your mind and be unique.
  • Focus on both backlinking and interlinking. Whenever you write a new article keep linking the old ones. Like, you write an article about making coffee, you can link an article about the health benefits of coffee.
  • Make your content rich in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), make sure you do proper keyword research and find out all the keywords that could rank. The best tool that can be used is the Keyword Planner. Remember to avoid overstuffing of keywords. This can be avoided by using LSI keywords, that are related to your main keywords.

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  • Remember that when you upload the pictures, add ALT text. That helps google to read what your image is about.
  • The speed of loading the website shouldn’t be too slow, if the website takes a lot of time to load, the bounce rate will be high. The best loading time for a website is 2-3 seconds. The best tool for this is W3 total cache if you use WordPress.
  • To be aware of the latest trends keep checking and keeping up with Google Trends and find out what readers are following. Write them and keep promoting them.
  • Promote guest blogging on your website, that will keep you up with the industry and this proves the authority. This also increases the chances of referral traffic. You will be able to reach out new readers through it.
  • We all focus on linking, both internal and external but we forget that broken links harm the website, that results in lower page authority. Performing the best SEO Toronto audit from time to time is very essential.
  • Making your website mobile friendly is very essential as, most of the readers will be browsing through their smartphones, since 2015. These days Google has started considering mobile friendly as a ranking factor. So, optimizing a website is very important.
  • Staying active on social media will also gain you referral traffic. Also, you will be able to connect with various other notable people in the same industry. Also, there are various groups you can join to gain a good traffic.

Bottom point is it takes both time and patience for the domain to age, it takes some time to gain authority, keep publishing unique and quality content, you are sure to succeed for your best SEO Toronto strategy.