Whats new

What’s New

  • EXPORT Finance Guide
    In partnership with Team Canada Inc, EDC has developed a new guide to help exporters understand and access export-related financing services online. The EXPORT Finance Guide centralizes information about the wide range of solutions for your financing needs based on where you are in the transaction cycle. This tool will help you determine what kind of financing you need, and where to find it. Now available at your fingertips.
  • Interactive TradeMap Canada Tutorial
    This interactive tutorial will get you up to speed on one of Canada’s most powerful trade databases; TradeMap Canada.
  • Exporting to the United States
    No matter whether you’re an aspiring, new or established exporter to the United States, this guide will provide you with practical information that will make your export business to the U.S. easier to start, maintain and expand.
  • Responding to Unsolicited Orders
    A guide that helps small businesses respond to unexpected inquiries from abroad.
  • Speaking Globally: An Exporter’s Guide to Effective Presentations
    A guide that provides step-by-step information for creating effective international presentations and understanding the cultural challenges of presenting your product or service internationally.
  • Planning a Business Trip Abroad
    This publication is designed to help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): define their business travel objectives; explore sources of financial assistance for international business travel; make all preparations necessary for a successful trip; and follow up on a business trip abroad.